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Re: Re: Eclair ACL Motor feedback

I like my motor too....but like I've said...I kinda like having that fast
speed.  I also like the 8 and 12 fps. I've used them both.

I'm not planning on replacing my motor until it dies....when it does, I'd
rather have a similar motor which has a 29.97fps speed than having to deal
with a controller.  I try to keep my ACL package as cheap as possible to
upgrade and maintain....If I get a gig where I'm supplying 16mm (more likely
S16mm) gear, I'll pick up and Aaton or SR-2or3, modify my ACL for S16 and
keep it as a second unit......

Warren Yeager, SOC
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Hi Warren
        I love the design of the original motor ...HD crystal sync;
provided the motor is good why not eliminate the problem fast speed for good
and one other least used and add the relevant crystals to the unit for
NTSC? Mark seemed to suggest this was possible on his site ...

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