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Re: Eclair ACL Ang 10 - 150

When I say that the 17-68 Ang is a "TV" lens, I'm really saying that it isn't sharp enough for blowup to 35mm. As far as I know, the black model was optically the same (I once inquired at Century Precision Optical about just that). For transfer to NTSC video, it is probably fine.

On R-16 Zooms that I've tried, in addition to vignetting below 25mm(approx --- could be higher), there is also a range somewhere further down the line at higher focal lengths that also vignettes. If one plans to use the zoom as an "economy" long lens, then I'd advise having a 10mm Switar "C"-mount on hand, and possibly a 16mm Zeiss Standard --- both should just barely cover S-16, and are certainly cheaper than a new S-16 lens. Shooting hand-held on a long lens while moving can be pretty sea-sickening unless you're going for that as a specific creative look. In short, I don't think one would be happy with the Ang 10-150 as a "stand alone" lens.


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