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Re: Eclair ACL Motor Revisions

3 out of four ain't bad....unless you're the guy who needs the forth!!

Just kidding....(-:

Warren Yeager, SOC
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Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 2:44 AM
Subject: Eclair ACL Motor Revisions

Well, I spoke to the designer of the motor and he tells me that on-board
29.976 and 23.976fps are not a problem.  An audible out of sync warning
an on/off switch is not a problem.  The milliframe controller is not a
problem (as he's building one himself, but it's unlikely to be compatible
with any others).  But 75fps IS a problem.  This is simply because it will
need a bigger and more powerful motor to run at that speed.  It can be
but it would have to be tailor made for individual orders.

So there you go.  Three out of four 'aint bad!


Robert Latimer

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