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RE: Eclair ACL Using Aminima Loads in the ACL

It works perfectly. Like they were made for the ACL. Hmmm?

You need to have either a core plate or a core adaptor on your feed side because the Aminima load comes on a 2" camera core with removable plastic daylight flanges. I chuck the daylight flanges because of noise concerns but you can leave them on if you like. The Aminima load is rolled emulsion out which is perfect for the ACL 200' mag. Check your manual and you'll see it actually specifies an emulsion out load for the 200 footer. Best part of the deal is that the Aminima load is single perf which means you can use 200' mags if your ACL is super 16 converted. Last I remember the old metal spool 200' loads were double perf (although Kodak may have since changed this).

If you buy some Aminima stock tell Kodak what camera you're buying it for and maybe they will come around and realize there is a whole other market out there. They still specify the load as being for the Aminima only even though I've sent them emails trying to correct them on this.

Good luck!


gryanme@aol.com wrote:
Has anyone ever loaded the Aminima 200 ft. loads into the ACL (200 ft. mag)? I have heard that this SHOULD work - but I would like a reply from one of you that has done it - and any other info that you think that would be helpful. Thanks, Ryan

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