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Re: Eclair ACL New kid on the block ...

Phil --- check out the step-by-step directions for the conversion at:
and make sure that you feel comfortable doing it yourself. While the directions are fairly detailed, they were written assuming that an experienced ACL Tech would be interpretting them.

If you are new to working on the ACL, I would suggest that you forego the mirror re-centering for the time-being. Although re-centering the mirror would technically put the camera at 100% Super-16 specs, practical experience suggests that it is not vital for the ACL (though the timing of mirror/shutter/claw will have no margin for error.) The other parts are simple enough to replace --- but when re-assembling the camera you will need to:

1) make certain that the shutter isn't scraping --- some gentle bending will probably be required, and a great deal of patience;

2) Reset the timing of mirror/shutter/claw; (as the claw is just about to advance the film, the shutter must be just closed, and the mirror just about to cross the aperture opening; needs a jewels screwdriver. Tests must be shot, or timing checked with a strobe light.)

3) The Ground Glass will need to be re-aligned anf focused; (needs a jewelers screwdriver, a small piece of ground glass, a magnifying lens, and a ton of patience.)

4) The Flange will need to be shimmed and collomated; (needs a depth gauge in mm and small piece of metal to place inside the aperture plate)

5) may need to add a shim under the cam/counter-0cam assembly (requires calipers in mm);

6) Have a range of stainless steel washers on hand from .85mm to 1.15mm to reset the tension on the mirror; you may need to have these machined --- finding the exact thickness is critical. (I've also been sucessful shimming with a piece of aluminum foil. but technically I recommend maching a washer of exact thickness).

I plan to put instructions for ground glass realignment and focus on my site. Perhaps if people are going to try the conversion themselves, I should add "resetting the timing" as well.


PS - The ACL packs a lot in a tiny space with no breathing room. It is very easy to turn a near-silent camera into a "machine-gun". Quieting an ACL is an art unto itself!

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