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RE: Eclair ACL Manual Needed

Hi Robert,
I put in one of my patented "reverse auction" want ads on ebay looking for a service manual. We'll see what happens. Whatever I net I will send your way.

I also want to put out the call to all ACL List members to donate copies or scans of any ACL technical or sales literature they might have. So look in your closets, under your beds, and in the bird cage for anything you might think interesting. I'll be putting up an ACL website in January and I would like to post all literature pertaining to the ACL that I can find there. Thanks to Perry's excellent site (www.eclairacl.com) we have the user manuals for the ACL 1 and 1.5 readily available. What I'm looking for are sales brochures, technical manuals, and the highly sought after ACL II user manual. I can cover any costs that you might incur making copies or scans. Your local Kinkos should be able to scan anything you have into Adobe Acrobat files. If you have something you think might be useful, drop me a line and we'll talk.

Ray, the List Mum

Robert Latimer wrote:
Has anyone a copy of the orignal Eclair ACL technical repair manual? I know ACL produced one, but I've never seen it. Can anyone help?


Robert Latimer

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