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Re: Eclair ACL Video assist

George Zorzoli makes a couple types of video taps for the ACL.  He does a
color video tap and a B & W video tap (which I have) which fits on the mount
in place of the viewfinder.

He also makes a video assist, which is a modification to the camera, which
allows the operator to see through the viewfinder and run a tap to a
monitor.  Again, not flicker free, because of the shutter angle on the ACL,
I think.

George Zorzoli, Electro Optical House, Culver City, CA 310-204-6577.
Warren Yeager, SOC
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From: "Stephen Pipe" <Stephenpipe@yahoo.co.uk>
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Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 1:52 AM
Subject: Eclair ACL Video assist

Another question if I may. Can you get a video tap or assist fitted to
the eyepiece of an acl? I'm thinking my money might be better spent
getting this.

Thanks in advance Stephen

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