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RE: Eclair ACL Super 16mm or 16mm ACL

Hi All
   ... Yes the Starwars trailer is superb and I am not a fan! Also surely maney people are missing the point of S16, it is future proof and needs minimal crew ( 1 as Alex noted ) and is ideal for 'cinema verite'. Also regarding blowup, we have an S16 editor (not on converted) at our local co-op; also an Oxberry Printer. It may be a bit of a learning curve, but I intend making a S16 gate and doing my own blowups!

Robert Latimer <themoviehouse@hotmail.com> wrote:

If you have both S16 and st16 on offer, sounds like someone is offering to do the super 16mm conversion for you. Sounds cheap if he's prepared to do 200ft mags as well as 400ft mags. The first thing I'd be concerned about is WHO is doing that conversion. I'm in London too and I know everyone who does ACL conversions, but I don't know anyone who does them that cheaply. Also, that 12-120mm Angenieux will NOT cover super 16mm and if you haven't been told that already by this person, that should sound a warning. If you're not sure, buy it as Standard 16mm as it is a great deal.

Off subject and regarding the Star Wars Episode 2 trailer, I saw this recently at a theatre. I'd read a posting on another site about all the video artifacts a viewer had spotted. This is total rubbish. The trailer looked superb and I would defy ANYONE to have spotted the difference between HD and 35mm had they not already been told. In fact, the trailer looked better than every trailer that came after it. If HD can look this good without Lucasfilm behind it, then I'm sold.

Having said that, I checked out DV to film recently and the results were absolutely awful. Washed out, two dimensional and cheap. DV is no replacement for S16 and never will be, but HD clearly is. But as Sony 24p HD costs $1800 per day to hire, I don't think too many of us will be trading our cameras in for a few years yet.


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