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Re: Eclair ACL Super 16mm ACL indie feature

On 200' mags, the english and the french mags are identical.

On 400' mags, the english mags have a roller that follows along the outside
to take up the film on the take up side.  Supposedly this was less demanding
on the smaller motors.  The french mags have a belt system and no "follower"
on the takeup side.

I've used English 200' with French bodies, no prob.

I have a french ACL, with a large motor, and use the french 400' mags most
of the time.

Seems that the biggest concern is using the small motor driving 400' french
mags, which it was not designed to do.  I've hear stories of burnouts...

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Yeah, I know.

I own one. :)

I would like it if we could get to the bottom of the issue of French ACL vs.
English ACL. I was told years and years ago, "Don't touch the English ACL,
it doesn't work." So naturally I asked a million times, "Is this the French
ACL?" before I bought mine. Recently I bought a 200 mag on eBay, which it
turns out is an English ACL mag. I don't know what the difference is to tell
you the truth. I haven't used it yet though.

If it's only the motor, then that's not a major problem. If one wants to
shoot 400 footers, then a stronger motor can be bought, but if it's
something with the film movement mechanism, then I feel there might be some
legitimate issues of concern.



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HURRAH... the later ACL, is a gorgous camera, I will shoot maney with mine!

gryanme@aol.com wrote:

Why is it so hard to believe that someone shot a feature with an ACL? Its a
good camera...


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