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RE: Eclair ACL France v England

Are we talking about ACL's here or six hundred years of bad cross Channel blood? If you ask me they are virtually the same camera. Add a few parts (HD motor, ACL II embase, large handgrip) and I defy anyone to tell 'em apart from a distance. English or French? Either way it's a great camera. I'm glad this thread came up. Hopefully it will debunk this whole myth once and for all. I see the same thing with the Arriflex SR 1. You often see them advertised with "German electronics!" or "English electronics!" (or maybe it's French???). Is there really a difference? Probably not. I love French cine cameras. I have a weakness for Beaulieu super 8 cams as well. I also think the English ACL mag design is a swell feat of engineering. I use them on my ACL and they work beautifully. I have an Arriflex M that I refuse to part with. Who gives a flip if your camera is French, English, Swiss, Russian, German, American, or Martian. Just go out and shoot a movie with it.
Nuff said.

Now to answer Larry's question. As far as I know any 35mm SLR lens should cover the 16mm frame no problem, and will probably cover the super 16 frame as well. All you need is the correct adaptor and you are in business. One of the beautiful features of the ACL is it's ability to use such a wide range of lenses. The economical route is to get an adaptor with a C-mount to whatever flavor SLR lens you prefer. The C-mount adaptors can be had cheap at sources like B and H Photo in NYC. About $30 a pop last I checked. Personally I think this approach is only suitable for light duty useage or in a pinch. If you are going to be doing numerous lens changes or mounting heavy, longer focal length lenses then I recommend getting a custom built adaptor that fits into the TS screw mount on the ACL. It's far more sturdy and you don't have to worry about back focus problems like you do with the C-mount. I have an adaptor for PL lenses and I love it. Les Bosher builds them and he can fabricate an adaptor for just about any lens mount your heart desires. To see one of his PL adaptors go to his website at www.lesbosher.co.uk

Ray the List Mum

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