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Re: Eclair ACL c-mount v. nikon mount

Hi All ,
In response to Brandt's question re.Lenses :- Stills Lenses with an Adapter
( to the TS screw mount on the ACL recommended , NOT the 'c' mount  ) is
generally the cheapest option . Optically very good because you are only
using the centre of the frame ( 35mm Stills - S16 )
The drawback is that in order to get the wide Focal lengths ( 5.9 , 10 ,
12.5mm etc ) you will need to use specifically built 16mm lenses , generally
at a prmium cost , particularly if they cover Super 16 .Then the PL , Arri
Bayonet etc Adapter is dictated by the lens,or lenses.
Don't forget , with the ACL , you've got more options than any other camera
Personally , I would only put a 'C' mount Lens in the 'C' mount Port ,
anything else is too heavy , & I make the Adapters anyway.

Now , the other question regarding Cookes.
They are in most peoples opinions the best lenses that have ever been made .
I went to the factory some years ago & can vouch for the fact that they were
totally hand made , including grinding & polishing the Optics , on real turn
of the century machinery.
Vittorio Storraro , who I worked with many times won't use anything else .
That says it all.
In 35mm format the Cookes still fetch big money .
There , the old fellers bleated enough , I might even have said something

Les the Engineer

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Hi all.

Being new to film cameras, I was wondering what the consensus is
regarding using a nikon mount with nikon slr lenses v. using c-mount or
pl mount lenses.  This comparison would be in relation to ease of use,
amount of light required, overall cost, any anything else I'm missing.



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