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Eclair ACL Cheap Batteries!

Hi all,
Just wanted to pass this along. I just picked up some inexpensive NiMH batteries at www.allelectronics.com They are Panasonic brand AA's. $1.75 a pop ($1.50 if you buy 40 or more). If any of you are doing your own recells or building cheap battery packs, it's definitely worth a look. I'll be featuring some how to articles on DIY battery packs at my future website.

Now for some List Mum griping. When replying to a posting, please change the subject line to reflect the subject of your message. If you are just replying to a sender's posting then no problem, leave it as is, but if you are going off on a different thread please change the subject header of your reply to reflect that. I went into the List archives recently and it looks like we are arguing about English vs. French ACL's, when in fact half the messages have nothing to do with that subject. By using the appropriate subject header, it allows List members to follow a thread without having to read every posting. If you have any questions about this please drop me a line.

Ray the List Mum

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