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Eclair ACL zoom lenses vs. prime lenses, etc

Hi, there!

Now perhaps we can have a frank discussion about zoom lenses and zoom lenses
and zoom lenses vs. primes. I've shot with the Angenieux 12-120 many times,
and sometimes I've had good results and other times I've gotten soft
results, especially in freezing temperatures, at low light levels and at
wide open 12mm. In bright sunlight, shooting at f/11 and smaller I've gotten
very sharp results. I've had better luck with Schneiders, such as the
10-25-50mm lenses on the Arri S for example. With respect to the Cookes,
I've seen good results, both color and sharpness, in 35mm. But the Angenieux
25-250 zoom lens has been good in 35mm as well. I think it's a terribly
underrated zoom lens. I've shot standard Zeiss lenses on two feature film
with the BL III, and the results were sharp pictures.


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