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RE: Eclair ACL Cineflex or Cameflex manual?

I'm not sure that auction is for a Cameflex manual. It mentions Arri (Arri Cineflex??) but not Eclair in the auction text. I would contact the seller and get clarification before bidding.

For what it's worth I have found Chambless to be very helpful when I needed manuals. He seems to have every manual imaginable. I found my ACL manual there (before they were posted online) and he fixed me up with an Arriflex M manual as well. Worth a try.

There is a seller on ebay that goes by the handle NikonDave. He carries a variety of camera manuals. Some 16mm and Super 8mm. He's hit or miss, but give it a shot.


valexander@stan.csustan.edu wrote:
Hi, there!

Somebody asked for a manual on the Eclair CM3. There's a manual on ebay for



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