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Re: Eclair ACL zoom lenses vs. primes ... the Angenieux 12-120

I shot a feature with an Arri SR2 and Zeiss primes.  I used my ACL with my
Ang. 9.5 - 57mm for some second unit shots.  The zoom lens had noticeably
less resolution than the primes.  I'm fine to use my zoom lenses (I have a
12 - 120 as well) for small, low budget projects, but for anything where
there's money or reputation at stake, I'll pick up a set of primes.

I almost always opt for primes when shooting 35mm as well.  I figure if
we're spending the money, why not go top notch?

Warren Yeager, SOC
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Subject: Eclair ACL zoom lenses vs. primes ... the Angenieux 12-120

Hi, there!

I'm still hoping to generate some discussion on zoom lenses vs. primes.

I know the subject may be cut and dry for some, but, for example, the
Angenieux 12-120 zoom lens is standard on many Eclairs and Arris. How does
it compare to prime lenses across the board. There are many situations
you can't switch lenses while shooting documentaries. There are situations
when the use of the zoom lens will allow you to shoot better and get more
shots in focus. Is it possible that technically the zoom lens is superior
some prime lenses?



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