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Re: Eclair ACL Camera Tech

Hello Chris,

Bernie is an original ACL tech from NY.  He is currently doing a HD-144 kit
and laser brightening of the ground glass of my ACL 1.  I believe that the
HD-144 kit is the only way to go for S16, here's why.  By using the kit you
are using modern components that are manufactured for S16 on state of the
art CNC machining equipment.  These parts are not "modified" from 30 year
old parts, but are designed from the ground up on computers for S16 use.
The Shutter is critical and many other "conversions" use tape to acheve the
proper opening.  Not so with the HD-144 kit.  The aperature, shutter, and
lens mount are all new, add to this a new Tobin motor and you have a state
of the art camera.  There is also a company called Schurco Tool
(1-616-966-8606) that can regrind the ground glass for S16 and HD markings
for about $150.  I am very impressed with Bernie and would highly recommend
him.  I will be posting more as soon as I recieve my camera back from Clive
Tobin who is installing a new motor, and yes the frame controller will plug
right in!

Best of luck!

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