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Re: Eclair ACL Rechargeable

Yes, a 12v sealed lead acid battery will work. (In fact, a 12v car battery will work!). Remember to frequently check your loss-of-sync lamp, though, since these batteries will keep the camera running even as the voltage drops below the point needed to run at 24/25 fps. And as they get older, of course, they will lose their voltage sooner. In effect your loss-of-sync lamp becomes your battery-tester. (Per an earlier suggestion on this list, a .75mm Fiber Optic cable run from the lamp and into the eyepiece will give you a visible warning as you look through the finder). Mark

PS - I've recently switched to 14.4 volt Nickel Metal Hydride. You can make the battery yourself with 12 AA cells --- just solder them in series --- cost is $20-$30 (I think that's under P15). The beauty of this is that these batteries start at 14.4v when fully charged, and will actually stop working as they start to drop below 12 volts. In theory, rather than ever lose sync, your camera will simply stop running --- a clue that the battery needs charging.
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