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RE: Eclair ACL Good news in the fight against Canadian subsidies...

That is good news. I'm glad somebody is listening. I know we got hit hard here in Minnesota when business moved north of the border. I wouldn't mind a little business coming back our way.

As a side note, I was listening to NPR recently and there is a push on in Canada to abandon the Canadian dollar and tie in with the US dollar (actually they were advocating a North American currency with Mexico, the US, and Canada as partners. Shades of the Euro I guess).

Flipside of the coin is that I know we have a couple of Canadians here on the List and I would hate to see them lose work. It would be nice if there was enough work to go around.

The real villains are the above the line folks who are exploiting the weakness of the Canadian dollar and taking the Canadian government's money. At one time they did the same thing here Minnesota. Our state government was handing out tax rebates to out of state productions and it wasn't hard for Hollywood to assemble a cheap, non-union crew here either. As soon as they saw a better deal elsewhere, they were gone.

It would be nice to see parity (in terms of pay) for crews on both sides of the border (and in between coasts). I'm not too keen on the "them versus us" argument though. Bottom line is we are all in the same business.


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