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Hey guys ... no need for undue sparks to fly. I think everyone contributing to the NAFTA discussion here on the old ACL List has raised a personal point-of-view of deep concern to many individuals on both sides of the border; it's clearly a complex and emotional issue which --- for better or worse --- will be settled in Washington and Ottawa. Meanwhile, I've updated the latest version of the Super-16 conversion guide for the HD-144, and I though the chapter on MAGAZINE MODIFICATION might be of interest to anyone out there who has a Super-16 camera regardless of how it was converted. These ideas are clearly just my own, and I invite others to share their own thoughts and experiences, since some may disagree with my approach not to automatically modify either the pressure plate or the rollers that contact the base-side of the film:
Magazine Modification

In theory, an ACL magazine in proper condition is not supposed to scratch film in any area at all. However as a precaution, it is advisable for all rollers in the magazine that contact the emulsion side of the film to have the track-side support machined from the current 2.8mm down to 0.7mm. If the roller was originally anodized, then it should be re-anodized after the modification. (Many rollers will have had some of their anodizing worn off from years of use, so that re-anodizing is a good idea just to restore them to their original condition). This is a sensible precaution, since an emulsion scratch cannot be fixed (short of very expensive digital correction).

The locking hubs that hold the film into the sprocket drive (take-up side) should not require modification, as the stainless steel rings on either end are already quite thin.

Since base scratches are not fatal, (they can be removed by wetgating), it is not as critical to modify any rollers that contact the base side of the film unless there is already a problem showing up with a particular magazine (for example a damaged roller that is scratching the film-base). Modification of the pressure plate is not recommended if no scratching problem currently exists --- based on practical experience with tens of thousands of feet of film run through 200 foot and 400 foot magazines, French and English versions, a pressure plate in undamaged condition should not generate scratches anywhere. If your magazine is scratching the Super-16 area of the film-base, then first check the magazine for problems in other places --- or for actual damage on the pressure plate itself. There will doubtless be experiences and opinions that differ from above. Consult with your camera Tech.

(Regular-16 and Super-16)

If you encounter consistent emulsion scratching, then the place in the magazine where this is occurring will likely show a buildup of a silvery residue. Also, be certain to unscrew the plastic housing in which the film travels from the feed side to the take-up side --- if the inside of this plastic housing shows such a buildup, then the trouble is likely happening in here. Also, it is a good idea to clean inside this housing occasionally, as film chips can lodge inside. Also make certain that no film chips or other debris are lodged inside the magazine's Nose (the piece that has the square rubber ring, and that houses the pressure plate), (removal of the nose piece is easy: just unscrew the two screws on the top and bottom, as well as the 3 on the side. With the doors of the magazine off, gently pull the Nose Piece from the mag. Then remove the two screws attaching the spring holder in place. Pull this out, and then gently lift out the Pressure Plate. Inside the Nose there are chrome-plated film supports. Although the track-side of these supports can also be machined to .7mm for safety --- they contact the emulsion side --- this is not a likely source of scratching unless there is actual damage--- such as the curved end being bent inwards).

[This technical stuff sure sounds dull after the NAFTA debate!]

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