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RE: Eclair ACL ...Sanctuary!

Hi, Phill

Okay, let's roll then. :) Oops, I meant rock'n'roll!

So let's get back to lenses, irrespective of where they were made. :) Are my
Angenieux primes better than my Angenieux 12-120 zoom? They got to be,
right? I'm shooting regular 16 btw. Should I buy Switars for example? Or
must I have Zeiss lenses otherwise I won't get sharp pictures? There was one
on eBay I was following. It had a low bid of $9. It went for $1,555.00 No,
that's not a misprint. It was a f/1.2 9.5mm Arri mount. Hell, I can shoot a
movie for that. lol


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Hi all
     One of the things I have enjoyed about the list is that it has been
free those real world concerns. I am not even Canadian, though I live
here... most Canadians are sick and tired of all that NAFTA stuff. The
English versus French debate was at least good natured fun and relevant to a
commen miss conception about the ACL.
                              Thanks Ray and Mark for helping to bring
sanity back... that does sound interesting info about S16 mags. Warren, let
us agree to differ!

... Personally the only thing I have ever wanted to do is make movies

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