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Eclair ACL the lens debate

Zeiss lenses do seem to be hard to come by for less than a fortune in the terms of low budget filmmaking especially wider angle primes. As a member of this list who is trying to beef his ACL into an excellent rig to shoot anything, I was wondering if someone would take the time to explain some tests that I could use to understand the prime v. zoom lens debate for myself. Some say that an ACL could shoot as well as an SR any day. Aren't there any lenses that shoot just as well as zeiss lenses? Also, during the previous debate there was a mention of what year the zoom was made in and how that affected the quality of the lens, are there any articles available online on this subject? Lastly, I understand shooting for a look but I would rather start with the best image possible and then change the look via filters, lighting, stock etc. So, advice for standard 16?

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