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Eclair ACL Lenses

Hi Guys ,
It's time for the old geezer to spout again. Hope that's not too English.
All this conflab about lenses has been going on since the 2nd lens was made by Galileo or whoever.
Surely , what constitutes the best lens is a bit like what makes the best wine . If you like the result , & it does what you want , it's the best.
I've seen Angenieux Zooms that we had to put a sock over to bring the performance down enough to match the latest Panavision .( I was on the aerial Unit on 'Out of Africa ) .  I've seen an Ang. that looked like it had an old sock over it .A lot of it is down to who set the lens up on the optical bench .
Don't confuse sharpness with harshness . The Zeiss lenses , in my opinion for what it's worth , are cold harsh lenses , Cookes are warm sharp lenses .
That should be enough to cause at least a month's discussion.
By the way , the best lube  is Whale Fat , but conservation etc..................................................

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