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Eclair ACL Parts for sale

Hi all,

Here's some useful Ebay auctions:

Eclair Cameflex baseplate / matte box holder


Eclair Cameflex Motor


Video Assist Connector for Eclair ACL


Regarding the new ACL motor being developed here in the UK, I'm assured it will be ready to go by end of March. I've been told it's so efficient it can be powered off 12vs worth of AA size batteries. A very small onboard component. Battery charger and batteries will also be made available. The casing is starting to look like the original ACL mini-motor (except the internals WORK). You won't need to use the ACL baseplate to feed power either.

By the way, there's also an NPR version available soon.



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	Re: Follow Focus Gears
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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 23:27:10 EST
From: Super16ACL@aol.com
Subject: Re: Eclair ACL Follow Focus Gears

Hi Les. I only need 3 ACL II Rossettes, and the back side can just be flat.
(I wish I needed 50, but there just wasn't enough demand for the battery
holder to make it cost effective to mass produce --- which surprises me,
because it makes the ACL so easy to use without getting tangled in cables).
Let me know what the cost would be. Thanks. Mark.


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