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Re: Eclair ACL ACL Virgin

There are 200' and 400' spools too.

Warren Yeager, SOC
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I'll try to tackle this one. Stephen, The only difference between Super 16 and Standard 16 film is sprocket holes or what people like to call perforation. Whatever company you choose uses the same stocks but in order to expose more of the film (keeping the right aspect ratios for a 35 mm blow up), Super 16 exposes each frame to where the second side of sprocket holes or double perforation would be. For fast motion cameras, you need double perforation or two sets of sprocket holes because the claw advances film so fast that single perf film could be problematic. Since Super 16 is so popular, single perf stocks are all over the place where some people want to know what you're shooting with before they give you double perf. There's no difference in the film, save the sprocket holes or perforation, but there's a huge difference in the camera and lenses! To switch your camera to Super 16 is expensive and not all of your standard 16 lenses will cover your Super 16 conversion. Les has a lot of experience and in formation on the conversion as does Mark, Phil and many others on the list more experienced than I. There has been a lot of information on this list on Super 16 v. Standard 16 and I think it all boils down to what you want to do with the film after you finish. If you want to blow it up and show it on 35mm, then maybe Super 16 will float your boat. If you want to get it done and wait on converting your camera try Standard 16. As to the core v. spool question, that depends on how much film you plan on shooting, one hundred feet comes on a spool and two to four hundred feet come on a core. I hope I got this right but if I didn't or missed something, I know it will be corrected. Larry
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