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Eclair ACL ACL extension tube

I received the following e-mail: "Is there an extension viewfinder for the acl or an adapter for an Arri extension?" <A HREF="mailto:wmr@maui.net";>wmr@maui.net</A> Here was my response. Anyone else have any info?

I'm not aware that any extension tube was made for ACL finders, since the ACL and finders were intended for hand-held, documentary use. I've always intended to build one. If you open up the finder housing, you'll find the eyepiece is being held in place with a retaining ring. Loosen the ring, which is tightened to an extreme, and then just epoxy it back in place. Now you can unscrew the eyepice when you want to. Now experiment with a cardboard tube and a lens inside. When you find the right focal length lens (I was going to experiment with an Angie 17.5-68 zoom so that I could zoom in close for focus, then back out), you'll need to have a tube machined with threads to go into the finder at one end, and allow the eyepice to screw in at the other.

I would guess that an Arri extension could be adapted --- you'd need to machine rings for either end that will screw into the finder and allow the eyepiece to go in the other end. You might have to play with the positioning of the lens inside the tube to get correct focus, or possibly the exact length of your adapters would need to be considered.

Let me know if you get something to work. I'm sure that many an ACL user would like such a device if someone else did all the R&D and just told them which lens works. Mark.

PS - An NPR orientable finder adapted to the ACL is two inches longer than the ACL finder, so it is like having a 2" extension built in. I'm planning to auction one on e-Bay soon (with an ACL adapter). I even had an adapter tube with threads made for it, ( a fatter tube with the lens inside would need to be inserted in the middle), but never got around to experimenting with lenses.

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