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Re: Eclair ACL 14.4v and 400' mags

Zorzoli at Electro House has clients who use the camera extensively for
They shoot at 75 fps extensively, and he sees no problem.
The key is lubrication.

Short bursts, for specific shots.  You don't need long segments when
shooting that fast, and you're right, the camera really can't handle
least for long.

Warren Yeager, SOC
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> Slightly off topic, but since 75fps came up --- do keep in mind that at
> rates over 24 (and especially at 75), it must put greater wear on those
> transmissioin gears, which would make the camera get noisier as they get
> worn. Having just replaced some worn gears on an ACL that I figured was
> to be junked, I can attest to what a difference it makes to keep the
> the best possible shape for a quiet running ACL. I'll avoid shooting at
> at all costs to keep my camera purring for as long as possible. Maybe
> just paranoid.  Mark.

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