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Eclair ACL Intervalometer

I would like to point out the advantages of the Tobin TTL time lapse motor: Low cost, many sold, simple to operate, very low current drain compared to a stepping motor system. Motors with multiple options and menus can be frustratingly complex to master.

It is intended for a newer Bolex H-16 or H-8 camera with 1:1 shaft. Since the ACL has a 1:1 shaft also, it should be a simple matter to adapt it to this camera. Optical-Electro House is already supplying modified TTL motors for use on the Eclair CM3 35mm camera. I am not sure what changes he is making to get these to fit.

The price is $495 and the catalog page is at http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/page22.html . The simple and complete instructions can be seen also, from a link on that page.

Clive Tobin
clive tobin at acer-access dot com

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