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Eclair ACL "Heads Up" for March 2K2

Hi all,
This may be be new for some people on the ACL List, but back in the early days I used to put out a monthly newsletter to update everyone on List business or just to rant. It didn't last long as their wasn't much to say from month to month and laziness set in. So I knocked it off all together. Well I have a few issues I want to touch on and I thought it might be worth firing off a "Heads Up" to everyone. Their might be a 2nd edition if something else comes to mind. It's late and I'm not the sharpest tack at this hour :-)

First, I checked an old Hotmail account that I had and it became apparent as to what is happening with Hotmail these days. I couldn't believe all the restrictions they are implementing. Phill made an excellent point about Hotmail. Hotmail addresses have been an on again, off again problem for this List. (For what it's worth I use Yahoo and found it to be an excellent free email service.) If you prefer to keep your Hotmail account I understand and I will keep re-activating you, but keep in mind it isn't getting along with Topica too well these days and you might miss messages. It looks like the intent of Hotmail (aka Microsoft) is to coerce you into signing up for their $20 a year service. The days of the free web are numbered my friends.

Regarding the List overall, I want to float the idea of expanding the scope of the List. It's primary focus would still be about the Eclair ACL camera but I'm considering expanding it to include other Eclair cameras such as the NPR and CM-3. It would still be called the Eclair ACL List, but I would change the description at the sign-on page to reflect the new direction. I also want to encourage more general cinematography related discussions. Alot of this has already happened organically, but this would just make it official. Before I make any changes though I would like to hear from you guys. Any suggestions? Criticisms? Whadda ya think about this? You can post it on the List or send me an email at cinesota@yahoo.com

Given the success of the ACL List, I'm toying with the idea of launching a couple of new lists. One would be for Bolex cameras and the other would be for general super 8 related discussions. I would like to hear people's thoughts on this as well. Would you be interested in joining one or both of these lists? I know there are some super 8 aficionados on this List 'cause we've bumped into each other over at the Shooting8mm site (http://8mm.filmshooting.com/)

Okay, okay now for some strictly ACL related stuff. I want to put out a call for anyone who might have a real, honest to God, ACL II owners manual (not the 1.5 version that is readily available). I've seen a pressing need for this manual and it looks like a rare bird indeed. If you have one or know where you can lay your hands on one please let me know. I would be willing to cover any costs you might incur scanning it or copying it. I'm not interested in selling it but rather I want to put it in the public domain, so it's available for anyone to download. If you are looking for the ACL 1 or 1.5 manuals they can be found at Perry's pioneering website, http://www.eclairacl.com/ or I believe Mark has a link at his equally helpful ACL website, http://members.aol.com/super16acl/menu.htm
I encourage everyone to visit both sites and contribute if you can.

That about covers it. Like I said there might be more coming if I think of anything else. I just want to thank everyone for being a part of the ACL List and particularily those of you who contribute on a regular basis. Your contributions are really what make this thing worth reading. If you are interested in reading any old postings you can access them at, http://www.topica.com/lists/EclairACL Oh yeah if you are interested in cutting down on your inbox traffic, you can specify your messages come in "digest mode". The day's postings are grouped together into a single posting and sent to you once or twice a day. If you are interested drop me a line and I'll explain how to set your account to digest mode.

Cheers everybody!
Ray the List Mum

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