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RE: Eclair ACL more ACL basic questions

connikurt@t-online.de wrote:
Schneider-Kreuznach Cinegon RX 1.8/10mm
Schneider-Kreuznach Cine Xenon RX 1.4/25mm

Can I use these on the ACL? Any thoughts on these lenses?



You can use them with some provisions. I've cut and pasted part of an article I found years ago on the web. I think I got it from the Small Movies website (a Bolex site). I've used this rule with no problems so far... "RX RULE: STANDARD C-MOUNT LENSES WILL WORK WELL THROUGH THE BOLEX PRISM PROVIDED THAT THEY ARE STOPPED-DOWN PAST ABOUT F/3.2

This rule contradicts the rule given in the Bolex literature that for focal lengths less than 50mm and only for these, H16 RX cameras require RX-mount lenses. In fact a very fast 100mm C-mount lens will give poor results wide-open on the Bolex H16 RX, whereas a 10mm C-mount lens will give fine results stopped-down on the Bolex H16 RX. There is no truth in the old

The RX RULE is reversible. RX-mount lenses will work well on C-mount cameras provided that they are stopped-down past f/3.2. There are also implications for macrophotography. For example, at 1:1 magnification the effective f-stop of a lens is twice the indicated f-stop. So at 1:1 an f/1.6 C-mount lens will work about as well on an H16 RX camera as on a C-mount camera, and similarly for an f/1.6 RX-mount lens."
--Dennis Couzin 3/76

Keep in mind you can have an RX lenses recollimated for standard C-mount useage but I'm assuming you still want to use them with your Bolex so that might not be an option.


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