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Re: Eclair ACL XLR - which pin is which?

  Yes- normally on a Cannon or Switchcraft 'xlr' type
4-pin connector, when you remove the pinblock,
(regardless of male or female) from its metal sleeve,
you will notice numbers from 1-4 corresponding to
their respective pins.  Sometimes the numbering is on
the front, sometimes it's on the back. Most of the
time it's both...:) Also, if you happen to be using a
100 watt soldering gun, watch out for melting plastic,
as the pins will start to shift around on you if you
aren't careful...
  Todd Liebman

--- connikurt@t-online.de wrote:

I'm about to put together my own 12volt power supply
for the ACL. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here because I haven't even bought the XLR plug yet, but which pin is the first and which the fourth. I have the info about how to connect them, but are they numbered for easy identification?



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