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Re: Eclair ACL XLR - which pin is which?

I would have to agree with Mark, pin 1 is ground (-),
pin 4 is  pos.(+) 12v, and if memory serves me, pin 2
is part of the bloop circuit, and pin 3 is 12v
switched. You only need 1 and 4 to run your camera...
. I would also second Mark's advice that anything you
work on (especially bought/acquired second hand) should be checked with a voltmeter, as you never know
who has changed what lead, and whether something is
corroded, disconnected, munched, crunched, bent,
 Todd Liebman, S16 ACL Convert and Vindaloo lover...

--- Mark <super16acl@aol.com> wrote:
While I've been known to blow-up a thing or two, so
that anything I say should be checked with a voltmeter, my understanding is that pin 1 is negative and pin 4 is positive. Perhaps a few people could confirm or deny this. Mark.

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