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Eclair ACL Core plates and S16 lens conversions

Hey everyone,
I have good news.
I was just corresponding with Les Bosher and he indicated to me that he could build some core plate adaptors for those interested. He said that they aren't an easy thing to build and he would have to gauge pricing based on the level of interest and how many were ordered. So come on folks here is your chance to get those core plates if you need them. And if you are flush on core plates get an extra one, because you know your AC is gonna mail that sucka to the lab one day. You can contact him thru his website at, http://www.lesbosher.co.uk/

(My guess is he would want some firm orders before ramping up production)

He also mentioned that he is up and running with this super 16 lens conversions. In addition to doing the Zeiss 10-100, he also can convert the Angenieux 12-120!!! (I about fell out of my chair on that one.) Other lenses are possible as well. Again contact Les for more details.

He is finishing up some ACL top handles. If you need one let him know and he can mail it back with mine, then I'll forward it on to you. It will save you a little on postage.

The guy is a magician!

Cheers all,

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