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Eclair ACL Heard back from Aaton

I just thought I would pass this along. I took Mark's advice and contacted Aaton regarding the dating of an ACL via the ser.#
This is what I got back from the man himself, Jean Pierre Beauviala.

"hello Ray,
The best is to call Bernard Dechaumel (ex Aaton repair shop supervisor), he is the only one who is both a former Eclair employee (as an ACL builder), and currently maintaining ACLs
with genuine Eclair spare parts.
He is now working as a maintenance tech for
'Planning Camera' Paris.   tel +33 1 4521 8944
Best regards,

I would ring up Bernard myself but I don't speak a word of French and the cost from the US would be astronomical. I was wondering if any of our French list members would like to volunteer to give Bernard a call and see if he can help us with this question? If you are able to contact him, you might invite him to join our list if he has web access (or I can send him an invite if he has an email address). I tried a Google search for Planning Camera but no luck.

For those interested there is a fascinating article at the Aaton website, http://www.aaton.com/about/history.html that details the history of Aaton as well as the Aaton-Eclair connection. The Aaton website itself has a wealth of other information on super 16, 24mm film!?!?, various links, and some old Aaton ads. Worthwhile reading for anyone who likes cameras.

Over and out,

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