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Re: Eclair ACL core carriers

I have some plates that I had custom made, and I think I still have some extras in a closet. If anyone is interested I'll clean the thing out and look --- I may have half a dozen or so. They'd be $50 each ... unfortunately having small batches of stuff made up isn't cheap. You'd have to attach your own core adapter --- either pull it from a 200' core, or get one from a post-production place ... they are used a lot in film cutting rooms.

I had these particular plates made just a little smaller in diameter than the factory 400' plate, to lighten the weight and minimize the chance of the rim scratching against the mag. A full 400' roll overhangs slightly (maybe 1/2" or so), which is no problem. These plates are not yet anodized, which you should have done at your local anodizing place.
If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll try to dig them out. Mark.

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