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Re: Eclair ACL Les Bosher's work

I'm in Pennsylvania. But I'm amazed that sending a camera to Wales could be
cheaper than sending it from Pennsylvania to California.

I just sent a camera body with two 400' mags via FEDEX across country,
insured for $4500. The bill was about $100. The weight of the package was 25

Exactly what did you ship, how much did it weigh packed, and how much
insurance coverage did you have on it?

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Ah -- my American egocentricity is showing again -- sorry, I forgot that
the whole web populace isn't American... DOH!

I sent it from the USA, using US Postal Service "EMS" Express Mail
Service.  It cost about $60 and got to Wales in about four days.  It was
sent back using a local Wales carrier who co-ops with Federal Express,
so as far as my local delivery goes it was delivered FedEx.  It also
took about four days.  There were, as far as I know, no customs issues
of any kind.

When I first bought the camera from the Ukraine it was held in customs
for three or four days, but this most recent experience sending between
the US and the UK seemed to be utterly free of any customs delays.

Robert Morein wrote:
> With respect to shipping, what country are you in?
> What carrier did you use for shipping, and did you have customs
> problems?

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