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RE: Eclair ACL Les Bosher's work

It was just the Konvas 1M body, no mags or motor or anything. Weighed about 10 pounds. Insured for about $1000 IIRC. Sent by global priority mail, cost under $60.

Robert Morein wrote:
I'm in Pennsylvania. But I'm amazed that sending a camera to Wales could be
cheaper than sending it from Pennsylvania to California.

I just sent a camera body with two 400' mags via FEDEX across country,
insured for $4500. The bill was about $100. The weight of the package was 25

Exactly what did you ship, how much did it weigh packed, and how much
insurance coverage did you have on it?

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> Ah -- my American egocentricity is showing again -- sorry, I forgot that
> the whole web populace isn't American... DOH!
> I sent it from the USA, using US Postal Service "EMS" Express Mail
> Service.  It cost about $60 and got to Wales in about four days.  It was
> sent back using a local Wales carrier who co-ops with Federal Express,
> so as far as my local delivery goes it was delivered FedEx.  It also
> took about four days.  There were, as far as I know, no customs issues
> of any kind.
> When I first bought the camera from the Ukraine it was held in customs
> for three or four days, but this most recent experience sending between
> the US and the UK seemed to be utterly free of any customs delays.
> Robert Morein wrote:
> > With respect to shipping, what country are you in?
> > What carrier did you use for shipping, and did you have customs
> > problems?

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