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Re: Eclair ACL 200 ft. mags

I don't know what you mean when you say you can use the A-Minima loads in
the ACL. I had a spool that I experimented with. I could not get it in the
magazine. The spool is too thick and it hits top and bottom. The core center
is not compatible with the spindle. The hole is too big to fit snuggly on
the axle, and too small to fit on a core platter.

I had ten of those loads, and I had them respooled onto cores by a lab.

What method did you use to make these loads work?

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An ACL fitted out with a 200'mag and a prime lens is about the smallest,
lightest-weight synch camera you can buy this side of the Aaton Aminima
and to top it off you can use the Aminima 200' film loads with the ACL.
It's the only camera I know of that will use these special loads besides
the Aminima itself. The core load is wound emulsion out which is a
perfect fit for the ACL 200' mag. (I know some of you 'ol timers on the
List have heard this before. This is for the benefit of the newbies)

I absolutely love shooting with my camera set up in this manner.  If you
do alot of guerilla style (no permits!) shooting like I do it's perfect.
When I pull it out of the case, all my mini-DV luvin' buddies can't
believe it's a film camera.  They are even more shocked to find out it
cost less than that spanky new Canon GL-1 they just bought.


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