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RE: Eclair ACL 200 ft. mags

Mark, Thanks for the advice.

If anyone wants to see the camera package that I have go to:

I'm also looking for a light-weight tripod for use with the ACL, any

Thanks, Roland

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Hi Roland. Do keep in mind that if you are shooting "drama" (ie-talking),
difference between a 5 minute vrs 10 minute load is enormous. Sometimes you
can do one take on a 200' mag, still have 75' left, but need to do a mag
change. It slows everything down, sometimes you are changing mags after
take or two, and frequently the 75' end gets dumped .. so that almost as
film is wasted as used. 200' mags are great for lots of short-running takes
--- but make sure you hang onto a 400 footer if you ever plan to do longer
"dramatic" takes. I've found out the hard way. Regards, Mark. PS - Check "In
Sync magazine"; there is some place selling 200 footers for $200 each
(typically 200s go for $400 from dealers that have them). It may be more
advantageous to buy a couple of those and hang onto the 400s.  Also, you'll
get much more in resale of the ACL package with the 400 foot mags. Just food
for thought. Having said that, if you don't need the 400s, you can probably
leverage them for a bunch of stuff since they are worth more than the 200s.

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