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Re: Eclair ACL Nikon lenses on the ACL

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I just picked up a "c" mount to Nikon adapter and am very excited about
this. For those of you going this route, which Nikon 35mm still camera
lenses have you used and which ones would you recommend? I own the Nikor
50mm f/1.4, but that's about it.  I'd love to hear about other
filmmaker's experiences using Nikon lenses.

I've done lens tests, but I haven't actually shot.
I used Fuji Provia 100F for the tests.

The 50mm F1.4 manual focus is an extroardinary lens. It may well be as good
as the best Zeiss lenses.
50mm F2.8 macro -- sharp at F5.6, but the F1.4 normal beats it at wider
35mm F1.4 -- very good from F2.8 on, but not as good as the stellar 50mm
24mm F2 - soft wide open, very good at F2.8 & above
20mm F2.8 AF -- my sample does not perform well, but the reputation is
generally good.
18mm F2.8  AF  -- requires F5.6. Contrast too low at wider apps
14mm F2.8  AF -- requires F5.6  Ditto
85mm F1.4 -- very good at F2.8 about like the 35mm F1.4
105mm f1.4 -- very good at F2.8, about like the 35mm F1.4

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