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Eclair ACL Haflexx motor and 200' mags

Hey Roland,
I took a look at your camera and I noticed you have the Haflexx Xtal motor. A rare bird indeed. Too bad those motors are no longer manufactured.

Regarding 200' magazines. I have to echo Mark's advice. The 200's are going to leave you with more short ends. Factor in too that you don't have the same range of color stocks available and there is also no B&W negative cut in 200' lengths. I made due for years by spooling down loads but it is a pain. A-Minima loads have been a real bonus, but I would hang onto your 400's and buy a 200' mag for the instances when you will need it. The 200' magazine is great when you just want to go out and grab some shots without being too conspicuous. If I had a single cam the ideal setup would be a couple of 400's and a 200 ft mag. One thing going for the 200' magazine is that the single speed motor doesn't have any problem pulling them.

For what it's worth, the English 400's get the List Mum Stamp of Approval. I like 'em better than the French models.


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