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Eclair ACL Xtra Xtra read all about it!

Eclair ACL2 Super 16 converted camera and accessories. The camera has
recently been serviced by Du-All in N.Y. and is in excellent condition.
Lens colminated and set to factory specs. She runs super quiet! Included
are: *12mm -120mm Angenieux zoom lens with hood and lever (pristine
clean). *Gears for follow focus and power zoom. *Through the lens light
metering. *Vario-Sonnar 3 stage telescoping matte box with custom made
(by Du-all) rods and base plate (this alone cost $800). *Eclair mount to
Arri standard mount lens adaptor (rent some Arri primes)! *Two 400ft
magazines and one 200 ft mag of the FRENCH persuasion. Take up reels
included, all clean and in fine working order. *Fully orientable 180
degree Angenieux view finder. This is the pro type only on high end
cameras. *Crystal sync HEAVY DUTY type motor, 24 & 25 fps or variable
speed. Totally accurate. *Molded wood hand grip with run button (newer
models). *An electronic base plate for running optional accessories (cam
light, digi slate, clapper snyc., etc). *Eclair battery charger and three
batteries, all fine. *Battery extension cable. *Glass daylight conversion
filter. *Set of behind the lens gel filters in slides. *Original case,
tough and tight. *Full manual, other odds and ends. GENUINE ACL II and I
mean 2! Will go up againt an Arri SR2 and will give as good if not better
results for less money. This type camera was used to shoot those
Afganistan war documentaries seen on National Geographic Explorer on
MSNBC. This is a superb outfit for your indie feature or HDTV production.
E-mail inquiries to almiranta@juno.com . P.S. - Ask about the Manfrotto
tripod with ball mount (new condition) has fluid level, with a Miller
fluid head and a Bogen dolly spreader I have to go with this, an
excellent camera support. ALSO, ask me about the six 400 foot rolls of
Agfa XT 100, 16mm Color Negative Film on cores I have. Single perf for
Super 16 shooting. Clip tested for granularity and in excellent
condition, has lived in fridge well. Comparable to Kodak 1742 @ $125 per
roll. That's 2000 feet or 60 minutes. Great results at rock bottom dollar
if you want to break in now.

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