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Re: Eclair ACL Mr. Morein

Mark,you misunderstand the quote you've just included.
The quote refers to the axle of the mirror spindle, not the shutter disk.
I know this well, since I've installed the very kit you are taking the quote
As the quote points out, it is not necessary to replace the axle of mirror
spindle to get satisfactory results. However, as DuAll points out, it is
necessary to have a 144 degree shutter for proper Super 16 operation.

The camera was converted in Austrailia and when I checked with the
previous owner he confirmed the shutter was the original. So Du-all
didn't steal it. Also I'm aware that the original shutter MAY (not will)
cast a shadow at low apperature openings. Refer to posting on 4/3/02
titled "mags" by Mark on this site.
"The off-axis mirror conversion in S-16 is a nice "peace-of-mind" thing,
since at no time will any of the mirror still be in front of the frame
while the shutter is open. While not doing this part of the conversion
doesn't show any problem with the resultant footage, I find its a "pride
of ownership" thing to know that the camera is up to full S-16 specs".

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