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Re: Eclair ACL Mr. Morein

Not only are you benefitting, but I am also, because I am currently
receiving a camera from Australia that may have the same lack-of-shutter
conversion. Thanks to your tip, I'll be aware and examine the camera for the
shutter. Do you have any idea when your camera was converted?

Does your lens flange have slotted screws to move it back and forth?

Kits and individual parts are available from
The gentleman is on this list, and I'm surprised he hasn't replied to your

Before the above gentleman began to manufacture parts, full conversions were
and continue to been done for all camera repair shops in the U.S. by Optical
Electro House in Culver City, (310) 204-6577. I send all my work to them
because the result is inevitably impeccably quiet. OEH has their own source
of 144 degree shutters, and all other parts. Please tell them I sent you.

I had OEH install one of the kits from which you quoted. However, they
refused to use the modified mirror spindle. They feel that the very tight
clearance which results when the spindle is installed is not worth the
possible benefit. I have never seen a shadow in my work related to the
original mirror spindle.

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Thanx for the tip sir. I would like to install the 144 degree shutter
and bring the camera up to full S16 specs. Any idea how I might aquire
one? Also, why would someone do all the other conversions (aperture
Plate, lens flange, ground glass etc.) without changing the shutter? Is
there any way to tell exactly what parts are true S16? This was an
Austrailian conversion and may have been done before becoming popular
here in the states when parts weren't so readily manufactured. Your help
is much appreciated.


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