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Re: Eclair ACL Mr. Morein

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From: "Mark D." <almiranta@juno.com>
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Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2002 10:20 PM
Subject: Eclair ACL Mr. Morein

"Does your lens flange have slotted screws to move it back and forth?"

Yes it does, I can see that the holes are oval, not round, and that the
flange can be adjusted to and fro. It is slightly off center to the
right now. So it's confirmed the aperture plate, lens flange and ground
glass are S16. Any way I can confirm the shutter without tearing it

The motor inching knob drives the camera through one cycle per revolution.
Every other revolution, the mirror will be swinging out toward the left, the
S-16 area.
On the inching knob, there is a small indentation that can be used as an
To examine the shutter angle, look through the gate from the magazine side
while rotating the inching knob.
If the ACL is completely converted, including mirror spindle, the mirror
will never be visible through the gate as you rotate the inching knob
through two complete revolutions -- shutter closed to open to closed again,
and again, with the mirror swinging out from the opposite side.

If the mirror pendulum has not been converted, when the shutter is fully
open, there should be just a tiny, perhaps 1/16" of occlusion from the
mirror pendulum, which vanishes as the inching knob is turned further.

If the original 175 degree shutter is still present, the mirror pendulum
will be visible for a substantially greater time, and much further in toward
the frame.

Also, why would someone do all the other conversions without changing
the shutter? - Mark D.

I do not know. Perhaps the results were acceptable to some.
As someone else mentioned, it's possible that a modified shutter was not
available at the time. The shutter is not as simple as it seems -- it is

Has anyone seen the results of exposing the film with the original shutter
in place?

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