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Re: Eclair ACL S16 shutter

From what I've heard, Les Bosher, les@lesbosher.co.uk, can get you out of
trouble for less money than anybody else.

In the U.S., George Zorzoli at OEH (310) 204-6577 can also get you out of

Also, Bernie O'Doherty in Boston, if you pick up a shutter from

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Subject: Eclair ACL S16 shutter

Diagnosing this thing myself I can see that looking through the flange
the mirror clears the left side of the aperature (right of picture) ok
when turning the motor by hand. But when the mirror moves to the right
the shutter is barely open as the mirror clears the aperature and half
closed as it comes back thus blocking the lower corner before completely
closed. I can only discern that the shutter is R16 and life is over.
There it goes out the window..... (what a noise). Any input?


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