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Re: Eclair ACL Mr. Morein

Much to my surprise, one of my ACLs has a 175 degree shutter. I shot with a
short with it recently using Kodak 250D.

Perhaps the reason I didn't see the effect is because I wasn't looking for
it. I still can't recall any hint in the result of underexposure in an area
of the picture.

The pendulum is clearly visible through the gate for somewhere between 30
and 45 degrees of rotation. Roughly, this would mean that the extreme edge
would be underexposed by 1/6 to 1/4 of an F-stop.

I suppose it means you don't have to throw the camera out the window.

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After following your instructions it would seem Du-all was right and it
is an original shutter. I can see why they might let it go because the
mirror pendulums just a hair into visibility on either side. I'll try to
track down when and who did the conversion. Guess I'll have to get a
shutter. Thanx for the help, - Mark D.


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