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Re: Eclair ACL Mr. Morein

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Sent: Sunday, April 07, 2002 1:08 AM
Subject: Eclair ACL Mr. Morein

Thanks Robert, I was about to fashion it into an anchor for my boat. I
wrote Les Bosher to see if he had a shutter handy.

And so did I!

Any idea where I
might aquire a video tap and what type works best on these cameras?

There are three options:
1. The $1800 fulltime B&W assist made by AZ Spectrum in NYC.  Has a
beamsplitter, attaches between the camera body and the viewfinder.
Requires professional installation -- Optical Electro House did mine.

2. There is a $600 color assist that attaches in place of the viewfinder.
Also available from Optical Electro House.

3. There is a $100 solution I have devised. It requires one B&W video
surveillance camera, priced at $59, stock number 38-0620 , available from
Dalbani in Miami:

You'll need a C mount lens, preferably 10mm. The shorter the lens barrel,
the better, because you want to get the optical center of the lens as close
to the viewfinder as possible. These show up on eBay cheap from time to

The CCD camera has a standard 1/4-20 thread socket, just like the tripod
socket of a 35mm still camera.
A standard under-the-camera flash bracket ($10 from Oldens), the type with
two 1/4-20 screws at each end, one with an adjustment slot and a rubber pad,
is used to mount the CCD camera. Remove the screw on the end which is not
slotted, ream it out, and replace it with a 3/8" screw to fit the hole on
the top of the ACL handle. With little or no bending, you should be able to
position the CCD camera at the rubber eyecup of the finder. A little tape
will hold it there and seal against light leaks that could fog film through
the finder.

I used this setup for several rolls of steadicam, and although my particular
lens/finder combination did vignette, the operator was able to frame
reasonably well.

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