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Re: Eclair ACL ACL video Tap

Haven't tried the other finders with Robert's gizmo, but Robert at TMH is on this list, so I'll defer to him. Robert --- (drumroll) --- Mark.

PS - Actually, I can't think of a better thing to do with an original non-orientable finder once you get an orientable, than to just dedicate it to making a permanent video assist. Then you can just swap finders when you want the tap.

On the subject of what to do with those non-orientable ACL finders once you get a better finder, I also dedicated an original finder to making a bore-sight viewer for the ACL (I had to canibalize the whole nose peice and pressure plate of a 200' mag too!). The unit attaches as you would a mag, (snapping the mag nose piece into the ACL), and by cutting a hole in the pressure plate and adding a piece of ground glass, I can look through the finder, (attached via a custom mount to the nose piece), and see directly what the aperture is seeing at the film plane. It's great for re-focusing the camera ground glass, and setting up to shoot titles to make certain that the camera is 100% level as seen at the film plane. One of these days I will put the plans up on my site. (in the alternative you can tape a piece of ground glass to the aperture plate, and hold up a loupe, but having a one piece boresight finder is incredibly convenient).

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