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Eclair ACL List Mum Tips

Hey gang,

I just wanted to pass along some tips regarding list postings.

If you access the ACL list via the Topica website, Topica indeed does cut off email addresses to prevent spammers from harvesting our email addresses. You should be able to just click on the email address and Topica will direct the message to the appropriate member. You can also click the post author's name and it will send a message directly to that person. Keep in mind you have to be logged in for any of this to work. If you interact with the list via your email, all email addresses and web addresses should be coming thru intact.

This is a recurrent List Mum gripe, but it is important none the less. Please amend the subject line of your replies to reflect the text of your messages. That is, if you are responding directly to a posting leave the subject line intact, but if you are adding some additional info to your response amend the subject line accordingly. If you are going off on an entirely different tangent then retitle the subject line completely. Some of you are really good about doing this, some not so good. The reason this is necessary is to keep the list archives readable. Take for instance the Mr. Morein thread. A very interesting and informative thread, but if someone was going back into the list archives looking for info on proper shutter angles for a super 16 ACL they wouldn't have any idea the info was contained in those messages. I'm not picking on this specific thread, nor it's authors, but merely using it as an example. It is also helpful to those readers who are looking for specific info and don't want to read every posting. Listen to your Mum!

For anyone looking to cut down on their inbox traffic, message digests are the way to go. Just log into www.topica.com, click on "My Topica", and it will show all lists that you are a member of. There should be a drop down menu that says "Messages", "Digests", or "Web Only". Highlight the "Digests" portion, then save it and your done. The days postings will be grouped together into a single message sent to your inbox once per day. Please, when replying to a message within a digest, cut and paste only the message you are replying to. Don't leave the entire text of the digest in your reply! That could get ugly fast. If you are a frequent poster or an instant gratification type then I would leave it "Messages" only. But if you are a casual reader of the ACL List then a digest will keep your inbox from exploding. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

I have only heard from one person regarding ACL t-shirts. Come on folks show your allegiance on the set. I don't require firm orders, just a show of interest. I don't want to order the wrong amount of sizes and colors (red or black?).

Finally I just want to say what a great bunch of people we have on this list. I'm amazed every day at the amount of useful info posted here. The ACL List has grown beyond my wildest expectations. Keep it up everyone.

Ray (the List Mum)

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