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RE: Eclair ACL Video Assist

Hi May you should look at wath AZ spectrum from NY offer at :
or by e-mail azspectrum@aol.com

Pierre Sam

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Objet : Re: Eclair ACL Video Assist

Oops.  I meant to say the video assists for high end Aatons & Arris, (not
Eclairs) are flickerfree -- Though the film image on an Eclair looks as good
as anything else out there.

Les has a nice idea on using the Angenieux dog-leg finder lenses for a
flickerfree tap, though these lenses were never very fast, or very sharp...
The AZ spectrum tap splits the light coming to the viewfinder, not the film,
so it causes no light loss to the film.  Not flickerfree, though.  But
perhaps good enough to please the Producer and/or other clients.


From: Julian Williamson <julian3rd@earthlink.net>
Reply-To: EclairACL@topica.com
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 14:29:03 -0500
To: EclairACL@topica.com
Subject: Re: Eclair ACL Video Assist


Recent thread on video assist, flickerless, etc.

What makes a video assist flickerfree is the special electronics in video
assists that "freeze" an image via the NTSC/PAL video output while the
shutter is open.  These electronics are (to my knowledge) only used in
taps -- such as the high end models for Aaton's or Eclairs (which may
cost more than you spent on your ACL).  You could hook the nicest video
camera in the world up to your tap, or your Mini-DV, whatever.  The output
will still flicker because the (video) camera was not designed for that


From: pmjbacon@netscape.net
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Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002 20:58:13 -0400
To: EclairACL@topica.com
Subject: Eclair ACL Video Assist

Hi All
This is my pet subject because I am developing a VIRTUAL FILM PRODUCTION
COMPANY... with everything coordinated on line! From script developement,
production and distrbution; I never do things halves! The video assist is
crucial because I intend that a days shooting should be coodinated on
rather like a 'rave'; also whom ever should be able to come home log on
see the rushes or dailies. It is important that they are good enough
envisage that they should be edited into a preliminary web movie to guage
reaction... even before any serious celuloid editing gets underway! A
'MO' is being developed that allows next the creation of a HDTV movie and
finally a 35mm theatrical release and nearly all the resources are in
This scheme has the aditional advantage of being able to recoup interest
at a
number of stages.
Hense one can see the importance of the assist; so really how bad is the
flicker, as I have two beautifull late ACL1.5's; thanks greatly to the
Christain Lang. One has a basic ANG. the other has a Kino; both are
supprisingly clear and bright... I suppose they may have been laser
Robert Latimer; which 'c' mount cameres would you suggest using for
attachment to the eyepiece? Is there a suitable miniDV camera, the
better and preferably a Canon?
Any input from list members is welcome, also members are welcome to
involved in the project if they wish. One final note; we gentlemen like
treat the list as our own private 'smoking room', I would like to welcome
lady members!
... all the best

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